ˈvespərtēn,ˈvespərˌtīn/ adjective

1. relating to, occurring, or active in the evening.


Vespertine Works is the one-woman business of Kim Gumbel based in Portland, Oregon. 

Kim Gumbel is an artist manager, arts administrator, and consultant whose work in these areas is marked by its calm, thoughtful approach. Kim has been working professionally with artists and events since 2007. In her time spent working for small arts nonprofits, she developed creative strategizes, planned and executed events of all sizes, and (her favorite) built fantastic relationships with creatives, producers, and vendors.

Prior to starting Vespertine Works, Kim spent five years working in arts administration and programming at Chamber Music Northwest. While there, she grew to oversee the operations of a five-week summer festival of more than 50 events as well as growing a year-round outreach and education program. Her work was largely dedicatead to the polished execution of festival operations, yet she had the opportunity to develop successful fundraising events, pilot community programming in underserved parts of Portland, and create dialogs between artists and audience members. 

Kim has also worked as an event planner at Reed and Lewis & Clark colleges, house managed for a small theater company, and once upon a time she stage managed many, many theatrical productions. This varied background means she takes a holistic method of working with clients, approaching their products from many angles.

Kim lives in SW Portland with her partner Matt, their two cats, and a long to-do list. She is an avid gardener, crafter, and cook with a penchant for banjo music and the blues. While she is a frequenter of many exhibitions and performances, Kim is most passionate about supporting artists and organizations the pursue environmental and social justice through the arts.